Marketing manager game :)

Marketing manager game :)

Postby natalia_ua » Tue Apr 09, 2013 10:45 am

Dear Players,

Would you like to be a Marketing manager? Now you have this opportunity!

Post the message below in some other forums related to the online games and send us the link to the post.

Players, who will post the message in:

5 forums will get - 50 coins +3 days VIP;
10 forums - 100 coins +5 Days VIP:
15 forums - 200 coins + 10 Days VIP;
20 forums - 300 coins + 10 VIP.

Here is the message:

Khan Wars is a browser based strategy game which consists mainly of text and images. Like many games of this genre, Khan Wars has a medieval theme where player chose among various various nations each with their own bonuses. Unlike other strategy games, Khan Wars allows the construction of up to three buildings at a time which makes it much easier to progress through the game. You gan register in the game for free here:

Also you can use the attached picture
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