Forum rules - please get acquainted with these before postin

Here you can find the rules of the game as well as rules for using this forum.

Forum rules - please get acquainted with these before postin

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General Principles

This Forum is an official organ of the Khan Wars Game

No user of this Forum, as well as the administrators and moderators are obliged to take a stand on any of the topics. The participation in the Forum is voluntary and any actions forcing a particular user to participate are unacceptable. The information in the Khan wars world is given, not required.
Every breach of the rules of the forum will be followed by a warning.
The Administrator of the forum has the right to lock (ban) and/or delete accounts in the forum and in the last resort - in the game and in the IRC channel. The application of the rules and the confirmation are in the opinion of the Forum team.

1. Accounts, warnings and locks

1.1 Every user can register and use only one account. Great number of registrations and/or the using several accounts can be a reason to lock and/or delete all these accounts.

1.2 After receiving a 3th warning the account can be lock for 1-2 week(s) or more. The evasion of the interdiction with the registration of second account is not allowed. The account can be locked for a long time and/or deleted if the user continue to break the rules after the unlock.

1.3 In case of serious offenses the account can be locked and/or deleted without a warning (reminder).

1.4 The registration of new account, in case of locking the previous account by administrator, and posting by it, that will be considered like a serious breach of the rules and disrespect and the accounts can be locked/deleted without giving a warning (reminder) to the user.

2. Language and culture

2.1. Language
The official language in the Forum is English and the Team regards as its duty to promote the use of it and every diversion or undermining of this promoting will be considered offensive. The users’ excuses on this matter (laid out officially) will not be accepted, on the contrary, they will be treated severely.

2.2. Culture
The discussions in the Forums should be led with a respect to the Users and with consideration of the right of a different opinion. Provoking rude arguments and quarrels is inadmissible and will be punished. Posts with unethical or ironic attitude to other Users or to third parties or institutions will be removed and the guilty party will be sanctioned. It is forbidden arguments to be used in the discussion that concern the opponents ethnic, racial, professional, sexual, etc. orientation. It is not desirable the same User to repeat his/her opinions on one topic without any changes in his/her argumentation. Repetitions assume nagging and a desire to stifle the discussion with shouts. Posting doubling opinions on two or more Topic is inadmissible and will also be punished. The excessive use of means of expression (inarticulate interjections, pictures or emotional icons), as well as the use of unbacked coloring, thickening and capital letters is not permitted.

2.3. Caps Locks
Do not use always Caps Lock (writhing with capital letters) for cogency, because that will be considered for speaking loudly (according to the net-formality). Such posts will be edited or removed, especially in cases of a systematically breach or a breach of two or more rules.
It's allowed to use capital letters or bold/color type only in cases of meaning accent in definite parts in a text.
Do not use always quotations, too. The quotation has a real effect only if you want to comment or show a definite part of someone's statement or it's in another page or another topic. The overdone using of quotations makes only unnecessary scrolling and make the reading worse.

2.4. Request for removing interdiction don't have to be in the forum. For the purpose, you can use ICQ, IRC, mail or Private messages. If you think that you're accused unjustly, you can send a private message to the moderator who has accused you first, and then - to the administrator of the forum. The decision of the administrator is once and for all.

2.5. The overdoing with emoticons and images is not desirable, because make the communication more difficult.

2.6. It's not allowed to use elements of anther's avatar or signature. If the another is part of the forum team, that will be reason to send a warning to the user or to ban him/her.

2.7. Making posts only for the number will bring a warning or in the last resort - ban and/or delete.

2.8. It's not recommended to post 'from the name' of locked user. That will be a reason for a warning to the player.

2.9. The moderators have the rights to edit topics/posts, but they must mark the end of the post with "Edit" and the name of the moderator who carry in the change.

2.10. The personally messages in the forum are making only with Private messages. Topics with titles which apply to concrete user, will be removed/deleted.

2.11. Information about the players
It's not allowed to publicate the coordinats of the players and information for their status at the moment without their personally agreement, except for the sections "Report a bug", "Chronicles" and the topics "Report for multiaccounting" and "Report for usernames with improperly contents". Do not publicate information for another user or company/forum/site, etc., without his/her/their explicit agreement. In such cases, that will be considered like disrespecting the personally rights and the user will be reported to the administrators, and the topics/posts will be removed/deleted.

2.12. It's not allowed to trade accounts in the forum.

3. Writing on a New Topic

3.1. A New Topic Title
The title of each new topic should be as more descriptive as possible and should conform to the Forum section where the topic will be posted. More descriptive should be understood as using key words on the matter or on the problem, and not stating the whole matter or problem in the title or in the caption.

3.2. Doubling a topic
When a User opens a New Topic, he/she should have passed the Search section and to be absolutely convinced that this or a similar topic does not already exist. The so called crosspoting or posting the same, or a similar, topic more than once will be punished.
If a topic is locked, it's not allowed to create the same again or another at the same subject. If you have something more and important to say in a locked topic, you can ask the moderator who has locked it, to open it again. It's not allowed to publicate contents which isn't at the subjects of the topic, if the topic isn't a SPAM.

3.3. Topic-matter
When a User posts a New Topic in a particular section of the Forum, he/she should consider if his/her text conforms to the topic purpose of the section. There could be clearly expressed limitations or other specific rules for each particular section of the Forum. (They are usually published as An Important Topic at the beginning of the forum.)

3.4. Author of the Topic
Each User who opens a New Topic is its author. The author of a particular topic is obliged to define the frame of the discussion in the opening text. It could be a specific question (in this case the theme and the parameters of the answers are defined), defining the problematic matter (the object for the discussion is set with its time or other frames) or other. The author has the right to address the Forum Team through a personal message (or by the Report button) and to ask for the change or removal of his/her User opinion in his/her topic on the grounds that it deviates from the topic or is off the point at all. The Team decides if the request is well-founded and takes measures accordingly using its own judgment.

4. Writing an Opinion

Before posting a New Opinion on any matter, first you should make sure if it would be useful for clarifying the matter. Opinions such “I don’t know anything about ..., or How could I make ...?” are unacceptable. All misinterpretations of the topic will also be punished not only by banning but with a limited access to the forum.

5. Advertising/Propaganda

It is strictly forbidden ideologies offending a particular object/topic or a group to be expressed. The deliberate advertising of a product/ideology/service is also forbidden. Seeking help against payment is forbidden too. Seeking/offering/spreading illegal information about a particular group/company/person is also forbidden.

6. Images

6.1. Vulgarity/eroticism/violence/racism – images with such topic (hidden or overt) are forbidden. Any such inscriptions, logos, stamps, brochures, etc. will be punished.

6.2. Avatar/Signature – They should conform to Point 6. (as well as all previous and next) and not to exceed 200 pixels in height. Users should not abuse the opportunities for thickening and coloring.

6.3. It's not allowed to use images that content:
- erotic pictures in details or animated or censor scenes
- scenes of violence or appeals for it - injurings, guns, etc.
- with horror elements or threat
- hint at drugs or another opiate, alcohol and smoking
- with racialist or political character

7. Actions of the Forum Team in cases of breaking the Forum Rules:

Each breaker of the rules could be sanctioned with editing or deleting a topic, opinion or part of an opinion without warning by the Forum Team. The breakers who persist in their delusion about the Forum and its mission, will be sent a single warning as a personal message or rising of the Warning Level (Warn %) and thereafter they will be deprived of their Users rights for defined periods of time or other administrative measures will be taken against them by the decision of the Forum Team.
Every User is obliged to observe these rules by his/her registration on the Forum. Of course, the participation in the Forums is voluntary, so the Forum Team takes for granted that the particular User had acquainted himself/herself with the rules and engages himself/herself to observe them.

8. Information about the limitations in case of breaking the Forum rules:

Each sanctioned User could, by his/her decision, turn to the Forum Team. The only way to do it is by a Personal Message to a moderator/administrator. Thus the User could learn the reasons for his/her limitations. The Forum Team is not obliged to explain its actions or motives “ it could be done voluntary, by its decision.
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